International Planning Studio: Growth Management + Barrio Upgrading Strategies in Colombia

Urban Planning Studio

Spring 2013

Clara Irazabal, critic, with Nicole Buchholz

Over the last decade, Medellin has pioneered “Integral Barrio Rehabilitation,” the upgrading of informal settlements through massive public investment on high quality public amenities, alternative transit, public space, and supportive social and community development infrastructure. The studio examined current planning institutions and instruments in Medellin and Colombia, specifically revising the Green Metropolitan Belt (CVM) proposal and site/community conditions in the border area of study. The students focused on analyzing the challenges and opportunities of different growth management and neighborhood upgrading alternatives for their client, Planning and Management Council of Commune 8 (CPG)—a community-based organization representing Commune 8 in the Municipality of Medellin. Particular attention was given to risk mitigation, food security, housing and other physical, economic, and socio-cultural interventions as strategies for community development, especially poverty reduction and social integration.

Anne Krassner, Ellis Calvin, Gillian Sollenberger, Jet Richardson, Lingjun Bu, Lissa Barrows + Natalie Quinn A/B/C/D