Introduction to Architectural Design + Visual Culture

Barnard + Columbia Undergraduate Program

Fall 2012 + Spring 2013

Todd Rouhe, Fred Tang + Madeline Schwartzman, critics, with Stephanie Medel, Keenan Korth + Benita Trenk

This design studio course for non-majors introduced design as an analytical, representational and productive act. Emphasis was placed on the development of a methodology for architectural design work and critique. Students were encouraged to address architecture through the expertise of their own disciplines. Studio work was integrated with field trips throughout the city.

Chris Cavanaugh A
Nicholas Sinchak B/C/D
Gabrielle Strauss E
Jordane Girard F
Kristine Ng G
Maika Abdallah H
Maria Balsinde I
Tashi Wangmo Lama J
Shin Woon K
Adam Sherman L
Eva Krarup M
Kai Ian Ngai N