Knowledge City – Information Infrastructure

Advanced Architecture Studio 6

Spring 2013

Frederic Levrat + Philip Anzalone, critics, with Tom Shea

Our current experience of the city is a condition of “interface” where the built environment allows us to understand abstract “information.” Personal experiences and shared experiences in the city become a decoder for artificially produced information while architecture finds a new role as an interface between the virtual/immaterial and the human body. The city and the architecture become the physical interface contextualizing virtual information into a physical space, negotiating between dimensions, and in return, producing information and knowledge.

In collaboration with the Fabrication Lab, the Municipality of Amman, and Studio-X Amman, the first part of the semester consisted of designing a project with materialization strategies at full scale, constructed during 2013 spring break in Amman. The architectural strategy of materializing information as well as integrating information were studied conceptually, on a design level as well as on a set of construction documents used for a full scale fabrication.

The studio was combined with a construction workshop. A full size construction of one of the projects was made in a public space of Amman, with the collaboration of the Municipality of greater Amman.

Angie Jaewon Heo A
Renwick Kin + Chuen Chan B/C/D/E