Knowledge City: The Campus + The City

Advanced Architecture Studio 5

Fall 2012

Frederic Levrat, critic, with Tom Shea + Mazdak Jafarian

If the main “raison d’être” for a city is its production of immaterial information. How does the physical constitution of the city encourage and enhance this non-physical production? There is a paradoxical relationship between the built environment and its attempted finality. Furthermore, we all accept that this condition is an “interface” where the built environment allows us to better understand abstract information. Personal and shared experiences in the city become decoders of the mediated information and architecture finds a new role as an interface between the virtual, visual and physical environments.

Where does the campus end and the city start? Most of the urban campuses in New York City are expanding rapidly in the very competitive real estate market of Manhattan. The campus needs the dense heterogeneous city just as much as the city needs the campus. The project is for an interface between the Campus and the City, as well as the immaterial and the physical, located at the intersection of Houston and Mercer street on the NYU campus.

Yamini Kumar A/B
Yu Zheng C/D/E