Laboratory for Applied Building Science

Research Labs + Centers

Fall 2012 + Spring 2013

Phillip Anzalone, director

The Laboratory for Applied Building Science (LABS) houses research activity at the GSAPP related to the application of scientific, technical and professional issues to the design and construction of architectural projects through advanced techniques and processes. This mission supports the initiatives and long-term strategies of the GSAPP, as well as Columbia University, through the development of curriculum, research and projects following the trajectory of the state-of-the-art in building science, construction technology, assembly methods and related software advances. The activities of the LABS is developed independently from but in collaboration with the curriculum of the GSAPP related to it’s connection to industry partners, interdisciplinary collaborations, and partner educational institutions, along with the integration of built work into the program. The LABS provides a location for interdisciplinary teaching with faculty from the GSAPP as well as other Columbia University departments such as engineering and business, visiting instructors and researchers, professionals and other practitioners as well as student researchers. GSAPP believes that it is realizing its ambition to provide the most advanced applied research culture, with the establishment of a set of material, structural and fabrication research initiatives that link state-of-the-art digital design practices to building analysis, modeling, simulation, fabrication, monitoring and interactive systems. The new Laboratory for Applied Building Science, the design-build fabrication classes, Studio X workshops and realized projects highlight the expansion of applied technology culture in the school. More broadly, a deep applied research culture has been developed in the school, in collaboration with major partners in industry, engaging with the most urgent conditions and questions facing our shared world.

The GSAPP has the expertise and resources both internal to the University as well as connection to industry partners to become the top research center for this field. Components of the Laboratory include: research projects, curriculum related to digital design, fabrication and assembly, the Certificate of Professional Achievement in Applied Building Science at the newly found Paris Atelier and the future NY Executive Program, summer workshops at GSAPP Studio X locations, consulting with the Director of Operations on internal University and GSAPP construction projects and support of the physical facilities (Fabrication Shop, Wood/Metal Shop, etc), and collaboration with faculty, industry partners and associated institutions in the research, teaching and practice of applied building science and technology. The Laboratory was founded and developed under the leadership of Phillip Anzalone as the full-time Executive Director.

Fiber Glass Shells A
Flexible Formwork B/C
Paris Atleier 2013, “Going Away” D