LOT-EK Monograph Studio

Advanced Architecture Studio 6

Spring 2013

Ada Tolla + Giuseppe Lignano, critics, with Thomas de Monchaux

The Monograph Studio generates and documents to a standard book format a very large volume of work, rapidly, and then ruthlessly studies, edits and transforms this work—eat it up, throw it up, clean it up. This process requires instinct, the reliance on habit and a high-stakes/low stakes dynamic in which each assignment is very hard, but the time span is so fast, you just have to jump and commit quickly—one way of revealing yourself to yourself.

The Monograph Studio is not a portfolio studio. A portfolio is comprehensive/a monograph is compromised; a portfolio is objective/a monograph is subjective; a portfolio is universal/a monograph is personal; a portfolio explains/a monograph mystifies; a portfolio hastens/a monograph hesitates; a portfolio is slick/a monograph is slippery; a portfolio is honest/a monograph is deceptive; a portfolio is graphic/monograph is therapeutic; a portfolio is defensive/a monograph is adaptive.

The Monograph Studio reminds you of the words of Samuel Becket, who in 1983 wrote, All of old.

Nothing else ever.
Ever tried.
Ever failed.
No matter.
Try again.
Fail again.
Fail better.

Emily E. Jones A
Alan Paukman B/C
Damon Lau D
Jacob Esocoff E