Media, Memory + Multitude

Advanced Architecture Studio 5

Fall 2012

Mabel Wilson, critic, with Zachary Colbert

Media, Memory, Multitude examined networks of media and temporalities that link people, institutions and places in the vibrant global hub of Johannesburg, South Africa. The first half of the semester, the studio researched the topological, temporal and cultural conditions of media systems: mobile telecommunications, social media, various media networks and other forms of cultural media. The other focus of research examined infrastructure as a form of spatial and temporal mediation between residents that included: water, waste, electricity and various routes of transport.

The first four weeks students attended workshops introducing techniques of data mining and parametric modeling that allowed these systems and phenomena to be studied in magnitude from the global to the local along with how they change over time. These animated models (time based) and conventional mappings (palimpsests) captured the dynamic temporal and spatial dimensions of these systems and networks. The studio made a weeklong visit to Johannesburg midway in the semester for reviews, research, and workshops at GSAPP’s Studio X JNB. Drawing on this rich body of research, the studio developed propositions for the iMaginarium, a research center dedicated to the study and artistic production of new media sited in Maboneng district and a research station sited elsewhere in the city.

Margarita Calero + Diana Cristobal A/B/C
Tanya Gershon + Matthew Wang D/E