Visual Studies

Spring 2013

Zach Downey, instructor

As the architect’s computer switches modalities from a tool that integrates design and the production of data for actualization, new processes and techniques to more capably take advantage of this shift must be explored and skillfully utilized. This workshop challenged traditional methods of drafting and physical model building and explored a more parametric approach. Virtual 3d models were drafted and subjected to multiple iterative transformations and tested for design fitness in the realm of the software and output for testing in real space.

Results of this study included practical knowledge of how certain geometries affect the performance of designs. Virtual models were embedded with intelligent criteria established by the designer to produce more controlled and specific results, moving away from the abstract results of the generative formal experiments of the late 90s and early ’00s. The frequent use of 3d printers and laser cutters ensured a close relationship between the virtual parametric models and their physical counterparts, enabling the designer to test design concepts in real space in a short time and adjust the designs accordingly.

Fernando Fisbein A
Ramezany Reihaneh B
Yun Shi C