AAD Studio

Summer 2012

Nanako Umemoto, critic, with Neil Cook + Hilary Simon


noun: MF mesprison: error, wrongdoing; a misunderstanding in which one thing is taken for another. A term used by literary critic Harold Bloom to describe the process by which strong writers creatively misread or misinterpret their literary predecessors so as to clear imaginative space for themselves. According to Bloom, every poem is a misprision or “misconstrual of a hypothetical parent poem.” In many cases, the misreading is so strong that the original is forgotten.

The studio initially focused on the analysis and creative “misreading” of a canonical twentieth-century pavilion by one of the Modern architectural masters. This analysis of the building asked the student to extract a feature or trait from the pavilion. They then stepped down in scale and through a process of complex repetition used the extracted traits in the design of a new pavilion. For the final project, the students utilized the new pavilion as a ‘design model’ to develop a big-middle scale project: a convention hall located on the Hudson Yards in Manhattan. The project investigated the incorporation of a foreign program—a theater—and how it affects and is affected by the spatial/organizational field the students created for the big-middle scale space.

Insuk Shin A/B/C
Yun Shi + Wenyu Jiang D/E