Modeling After the Computer

Visual Studies

Spring 2013

Babak Bryan, instructor

Starting with the same virtual model, this second half‐course explored the act of modeling as more than an act of physical embodiment/scale/construction. As with drawing, embedded within the desires of the modeling is also an attitude towards exploration/explanation/evaluation. Through a series of weekly explorations, the student produced a method of fabricating that not only established how an object is constructed, but also examined the underlying principles of construction. Much like the critical explorations of Frei Otto, these explorations of fabrication sought to unpack the new elements introduced through processes such as CNC‐fabrication or even thermojet printing.

As with the drawing component, the modeling component was held in a similar mode of weekly presentations and discussions. The first part of each class consisted of a presentation of thoughts, applications and modes of utilizing the tools of fabrication. The second part was a discussion of the students iterations. Again, at the end, a final presentation was made by the students attempting to summarize and evaluate their pursuits.