Multi-Resi Development Strategies: Optimize, Position + Market a Residential Building

Real Estate Development

Fall 2012

Elisa Orlanski Ours, instructor

The class was a six week workshop targeted for future developers, architects, planners and contractors interested in expanding “domestic” vocabulary, evolving their marketing approach, understanding techniques needed to meet market expectations and redefining principles of residential development.

Every type and scale of a multi-resi building development demands a focused, informed and well-executed design strategy. Each week, the workshop focused on the various tools and techniques needed to develop a successful strategy and gather the necessary intelligence to inform the development process from the inside-out and from the outside-in.  Each session was focused on a shift of scales from micro to macro, providing the students with the knowledge required  for developing marketable buildings, create flexible residential layouts, curate meaningful amenity spaces and plan for miscellaneous features required to position a building within the market.

Alyshia Taboas A
Sara Choi B
Sontipat Bhatarakamol C