Need + Public Housing

Core Architecture Studio 3

Fall 2012

Brian Patrick Loughlin, critic

Public Housing should no longer be thought of as a problem to be fixed, but instead should be understood as a need to be met. The work in this studio sought to deconstruct all of the misperceptions, myths, rumors, untruths, devices, ploys, tools, stereotypes, objectives and agendas surrounding public housing and all of the neoliberal attempts at correcting (not solving) its problems–which are often misperceived. It does so by redefining our understanding of the various dimensions of housing commonly isolated and misidentified as the pariah, only to be reversed and then misstated as the savior: density, concentration, income, program, circulation, privacy, identity, unit ownership and financing. The collective efforts of this studio explored all of the many typologies of housing so as to understand the dynamic role between civic society and its citizenry and the altering role of government in the provision of housing: public, affordable, social, subsidized, low-income, veteran, worker and work-force. In so doing, a new understanding of the need for public housing has emerged and with it new spaces and architecture in which those needs can be met.

Blair Dargusch + Zack Maurer A
Arkadiusz Piegdon + Kevin Cervantes B/C/D/E