NetBANK – Im_material Architecture

Core Architecture Studio 2

Spring 2013

Mabel Wilson, critic, with Zachary Colbert

Fold, fold, fold, attach.

Experiment by assembling your selected object into a freestanding structure. Video record the performance to test the limits of its material qualities—fold, flex, stretch, compress, bend, twist, separate, responsiveness to light. This first translation explored surface, skin and structure. Tab, tab—stretch the rubber band. With the three concepts of your object lesson in mind, translate its performance qualities into a new module that can be aggregated into a freestanding construction. This second translation explored volume and space—solids/voids, folded space, inside/outside. Fold, fold, fold, attach. These object lessons discerned the relationship between ideas, representations and material forms.

With the emergence of virtual social networks and crowd sourced funding, is it possible to recuperate the ethical dimension of banking that upholds obligation but also permits forgiveness? The Netbank’s debt lounges, debt confessionals, debtor’s prisons, barter walls, psychiatric wards and business incubators created various forms, forums and networks that address debt and its remediation. Projects investigated how the Netbank made visible the material and immaterial exchanges, social entanglements and moral conflicts between two networked communities.

Chelsea Hyduk A
Kate Reggev B
Pari Agarwal C/D/E
Serena Li F/G/H/I