New Directions for Development: Rethinking Workplaces, Buildings + the City

Real Estate Development

Spring 2013

Andrew M. Laing, instructor

This seminar explored emerging trends that impact the shape of future development. Trends that were explored included the impact of new technologies on how we work, live and use space and how this will affect the design and development of workplaces, buildings and the city. We identified innovations in work, technology and space which the developer needs to be familiar with to provide cutting edge products given rapidly changing corporate and end user expectations. Through a combination of selected readings, case studies, discussions and presentations, students gained an understanding of: the future of the workplace and the office building, the impact of information technology on how and where work takes place, how this affects building types and urban developments, the emerging demands of corporate organizations for new ways of using space, suggesting new requirements for building types and cities, and how developers, designers and city governments should think differently about development in the future.