Nostalgia Paradigms / 5 Scenari-(n)certainties, The Battle of Impermanency (Opus 5.4)

Advanced Architecture Studio 5

Fall 2012

François Roche + Ezio Blasetti, critic, with Farzin Lotfi-Jam

The studio was in the pursuit of the previous Opus.

Materiality of the construction by ‘’computation and robotic process’’ developed more precisely in the following text and integrating a notion of “life span,” as a protocol of death and life, of “Eros and Thanatos,”, this new Opus will be the occasion to develop scenarios which negotiate with this notion, this sensation, this emotion of “nostalgia paradigms“ as a possibility to reconsider the uses of language, the one at the origin of our daily transaction, and the ones which are articulating knowledge from sciences–all sciences: alchemy, pataphysics and physics to negotiate relationships with the whole system, from math and “psychism,” materiality and data formation, lines of subjectivities and protocol of experimentations, in a permanent contingent stuttering dialogue with the word; its tangible existence, its origin, historical, affective, scientific, speculative.

The ”nostalgia paradigms” is a strategy to develop multiple activators to reconsider the forbidden, not only in an anthropocentrism inclination, but all the material qualities in the periphery  (even outside) of this territory in a stage where contingencies, where correlations, causalities and dependencies are re-protocolized. It’s introducing relationship of time, of arrow of time, including its disruption, forces and violence (or revenge) of and from the nature (terra formation), potential to reread the indeterminacy, with strategies of knowledge to extract something from the recognition of uncertain situations, confrontation with memories, fictions, speculations reassembling and (or) disassembling the order of the discourses in a conflict between lines of subjectivity and scientific apparatuses.

Pablo Costa Fraiz + Matt Miller A/B/C