Old Buildings, New Forms

Historic Preservation

Fall 2012

Francoise Bollack, instructor

This seminar focused on cutting edge architecture transforming old buildings to produce new forms in the United States and worldwide. These projects were examined as provocative works of modern architecture made possible by contemporary ideas of sustainability. New attitudes toward buildings as transmitters of cultural and architectural meaning became a primary focus of the course, as well as, twentieth century artistic developments. The course was intended to introduce preservation and architecture students to questions posed by additions and transformations, to help students develop an intellectual framework for evaluation. The emphasis was on the physical reality of the works, the relationship of the old to the new and their relationship to the architectural and artistic culture of their time. The seminar format was enriched through ground examination of recent work and original research. The course culminated with the topic of “New International Directions.” Students researched international contemporary work and presented their analysis in progress and final product to the class for discussion.