Outside the Box: Experiments in Installation + Other Scales of Architecture


Spring 2013

Lise Anne Couture, instructor

This seminar examined the ideas, concepts and realization of experimental installations and other scales of architecture, investigating their relationship and relevancy to the discipline of architecture while contextualizing these works within a larger cultural framework. We studied examples of architecture and other spatial manifestations from the past through to the contemporary including memorials and monuments, set design, pavilions, installations, ‘sculpture in the expanded field’ and contemporary art practices that have crossed into architecture, as well as collaborations between architects and artists.

Students were required to make in class presentations and generate a document that further investigated the seminar topic through specific works and from one or more perspectives such as technology, materiality, phenomena, habitation, landscape, domesticity and urbanism. Students were assigned select readings, attended field trips to local galleries and museums and attended lectures given by architects, artists and curators.