Photography + Architecture

New York/Paris

Spring 2013

Mark Lyon, instructor

Students were introduced to architectural photography using color and/or black and white materials. They learned to make aesthetic decisions regarding point of view, choice of lens and film exposure in the camera format of their choice, either silver based or digital. Time of day or night, plus ambient and artificial lighting and their respective impact on contour and structure were examined with an eye towards producing silver transparencies and/or digital color prints. An emphasis was placed upon each student developing a personal vision in their approach to photographing architecture and interiors. Exposure to historical antecedents as well as to a contemporary photographers work was integrated into the course. There was a pre-course assignment: to photograph a structure or interior in two different ways from the same point of view; the first, with the widest open aperture (shallow depth of field combined with a high shutter speed) and the second, stopped down to the smallest F-stop (greater depth of field combined with a slow shutter speed). If there was any movement within the frame this could serve to emphasize the difference in these two options available whenever one made an image.

Angela Woods A/B
Ingrid Lao C

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