Preservation Studio 1: Reading Buildings

Historic Preservation Studio

Fall 2012

Francoise Bollack, Ward Dennis + Andrew Dolkart, critics

Studio 1 is the core course of the first semester, and revolves around the study of a section of New York City. In this academic year, the study area was Hell’s Kitchen North including the West 50s from Eighth avenue west to the Hudson River. Additional field survey work was carried out at Woodlawn Cemetery in the Bronx. The goal of this Studio was to give the students the skills to read and document buildings–-their design, their context and their history–by using a wide array of tools, from using one’s eyes and other senses to using drawing, photography and research. Studio 1 gave students the foundation necessary to understand and document buildings, to place them in their cultural continuum and to make a case for their preservation. Studio work included graphic presentations, written assignments and oral presentations.