Private Equity + Capital Raising

Real Estate Development

Fall 2012

Marc Weidner + Michael G. Clark, instructors, with Shawn Amsler

This course exposed students to the fundamentals of real estate private equity, basic terms, players in the industry, philosophy of investment and the legal and financial aspects of real estate private equity in today’s environment. The course gave students a broad base of understanding in the concepts that govern the real estate private equity markets and were taught from the perspective of the General Partner managing funds and investments and the Limited Partner investing in funds.

In particular, the class focused on current fundraising issues as well as on the structuring of private equity transactions.  The course should be of particular interest to students who want exposure to real estate private equity in the future, either as a General Partner, Limited Partner or Local Operating Partner domestically or internationally.

At the conclusion of the course, students had a good understanding of the private equity marketplace and process, why money flows into real estate through private equity so that they can better access it, and which side of the table they want to represent.  Additionally, they should be able to incorporate the concepts from this class to better utilize the private equity structure to invest in real estate investment strategies.