Spring 2013

Enrique Walker, instructor

This seminar examined the trajectory of the notion of program. Specifically, it focused on the various terms coined in the field since the fifties to describe—in fact, to reduce—actions in space: from function to behavior, from situation to event, from use to organization. The seminar was structured upon twenty exemplary projects regarding questions of program, namely: The Naked City (Guy Debord), New Babylon (Constant), Freie Universität Berlin (Candilis Josic Woods), Centraal Beheer (Herman Hertzberger), Fun Palace (Cedric Price), Potteries Thinkbelt (Cedric Price), Reliance Controls Factory (Team 4), Centre Georges Pompidou (Piano + Rogers), Cimitero di San Cataldo (Aldo Rossi), Neue Staatsgalerie (Stirling + Wilford), Parc de la Villette (Bernard Tschumi), Le Fresnoy (Bernard Tschumi), Très Grande Bibliothèque (OMA), Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie (OMA), Saishunkan Seiyaku Women’s Dormitory (Kazuyo Sejima), 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art (SANAA), Dutch Pavilion (MVRDV), Museum aan de Stroom (Neutelings Riedijk), IIT McCormick Tribune Campus Center (OMA), and Seattle Central Library (OMA). Each session interrogated two of these projects, and scrutinized the concepts they articulated, the objectives they pursued, the critiques they entailed, and the practices they implied. Ultimately, the seminar attempted to trace a genealogy of design strategies formulated to program architecture.