Craig Buckley, director

Jordan Carver, editor

The books and magazines published through the Office of Publications at the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation (GSAPP) are enduring records of the school’s intellectual life. They reflect the diverse strata of the school, ranging from long-term research projects and conferences, to exhibitions, labs and studios. In thinking about architecture and the city, they reach out to draw on the knowledge of architects, planners, engineers, computer scientists, artists, politicians, data visualization specialists, scholars, theorists and curators, among others. Yet even in their diversity, the school’s publications capture only a small fraction of what occurs at GSAPP. The Office of Publications commitment to print also includes broadening its notion of publication, developing the website as a platform and hub capable of responding to the different speeds and formats of contemporary publishing, distributing and reading, ranging from printed books, pamphlets and posters, to PDF, print-on-demand and blogging formats.

Collecting Architecture Territories A
Mario Gooden, editor, Global Typologies: Converging Territories B
Ludwig Hilberseimer,
Metropolisarchitecture C
Yehuda Safran, editor, Adolf Loos: Our Contemporary D
Volume 33 E
Volume 34 F