Re-Creation: Dilijan, Armenia

Advanced Architecture Studio 5

Fall 2012

Markus Dochantschi, critic, with Vahan Misakyan

Armenia is in the process of strengthening its economic position leading to large developments in its capital city, Yerevan. Meanwhile, the city of Dilijan is facing its biggest development growth in centuries. Known to Armenians as a resort, the historic city of Delijian is about to develop into Armenia’s new financial capital. Armenian Officials are anticipating moving much of the Central Bank to Dilijan in 2013.

The studio collected data on Dilijan and interviewed urban planners, architects, designers, city officials and residents. The data became the basis for designing a master planning methodology and an environment for a new neighborhood: A symbiotic or mutualistic relationship between resort and new development.

The problems and opportunities with any development in Dilijan are linked to environmental, social, cultural and fiscal sustainability. With the task to preserve some of the historic sites of medieval architecture and recreational nature, the proposed developments had to formalize a new relationship.

The master planning methodology and design strategies became architectural: The projects created a new kind of neighborhood and a new model for development.

Ayesha Husain + Joe Brennan A/B
Michelle Ku + Alberto Manrique C
Yiqing Zhao + Ni Zhang D/E