Re-thinking BIM

Visual Studies

Fall 2012 + Spring 2013

Mark Green + John Lee, instructors, with Brian Lee

What is the place of BIM in architecture? Is it only meant for production, or can architectural design benefit from the real time feedback available from Building Information Models? BIM can, and will change the profession. This generation is responsible for how that will be. Not having to deal with professional demands, students were able to explore BIM strategies that would otherwise be impossible in the workplace.

The goals of this workshop were to develop a thorough understanding of BIM, questioning how we can intervene in the process so that efficiency is not the sole result. How can the concepts of parametric modeling infiltrate the design process? Using software that forces rigor, can we learn from it and re-apply those logics to other aspects of what we do?

Eason Buzz + Hugo Si Si A/B
Siyuan Ye + Timothy Choi + Chen Zheng + Yikum Kassa Kuma C
Han Zhang + Qi Chen D/E
Kyung Sun Park + Mahrad Shahbazi F
Yan Zhang, Sang Joon Park + Sang Wook Lee G