Replica Studio

AAD Studio

Summer 2012

Cristina Goberna + Urtzi Grau, critics, with Bryce Suite

This studio explored the potential of replicas opening unexpected paths for the identification, confrontation and dissemination of current polemics in architecture, understanding replicas as both literal reproductions of works of architecture and, in a sense denoted in Romance languages, responses to previous statements, i.e., Agonistic Copies.

Architecture is subjected to a regime of originality. While imitation and reproduction are the obvious roots of the last twenty years’ excess of architectural shapes, the field has resisted to openly embrace copies and in so doing, it has hindered its potential. To intentionally copy entails a radical reformulation of architectural imagination: it allows for a radical renunciation to form-making—since form is defined a priory—to focus on architectural knowledge yet to be discovered.

The current high-speed consumption of architectural imaginary entails the naturalization of issues that could otherwise be publicly contested. This domestication of architectural polemics, a general disinterest in discussion, and the automatic consensus it entails, hinders the debates that generate advancement in the field. It is necessary to approach architecture design in an Agonistic mode, that is, assuring that the final product is not only controversial, but is also able to maintain a certain level conflict over time.

Eirini Anthouli + Paula Orta A
Ernesto Cruz + Han Zhang B/C/D/E