Space Studio 7: Health Stations in LEO (Low Earth Orbit)

Advanced Architecture Studio 4

Spring 2013

Michael Morris, critic

Humans live short lives, but as a species we have always thought and planned for the distant future… Our ability for abstract thought that can reach beyond the horizons of space and time–is perhaps our most remarkable trait… If anything will enable life to endure past the limited lifetime of planets, it will have to be our ability to think.
Dimitar Sasselov, The Life of Super-Earths, 2012

For over 2000 years, people have traveled exponentially great distances in search of holistic solutions for spiritual and psychological well-being. As transport costs fell and incomes increased, travelers’ interests shifted between Eastern and Western modalities of medical therapy, inspiring alternative treatment methods and diversifying new medical possibilities across Earth.

The next wave of medical tourism may lie well beyond the Earth’s terrestrial surface–in outer space. Based upon Sasselov’s concept that the future of astronomy is biology, this studio explored medical tourism in the next phase of the long history of people traveling in search of better health and well-being.

Ray Wang A/B/C/D/E
Sarah Hussaini F/G