Stresses in Housing + Health

Core Architecture Studio 3

Fall 2012

Hilary Sample, coordinator + critic

The studio sought to explore the relationships between health and housing analyzed through the topic of stress. Stress is a primarily a physiological manifestation, but for the purpose of the studio, the topic was explored through every possible meaning, with no definition off limits. East Harlem, the larger site of the studio, is arguably one of the most challenging places within the city for development due to the evolving culture and population. The specific site provoked questions about the very nature of socialization and urbanization within an intervention at the edge.

The stress of the elements upon a built form includes gravity, wind, shear and strain placed on its structure. The studio asked what type of structure can be made in response to such stresses. Stress is also found in urban settings, and here the very idea of social relationships becomes reconfigured based on new modes of communication and data exchange. Similarly, urban infrastructures are also stressed from roads, bridges, highways, sewers, railroads, waterways and maintenance systems. As the city builds and proposes new infrastructures, from Greenways to the 2nd Avenue subway line, how do these new infrastructures alleviate stress?

Stress offers a critical lens for further understanding housing, architecture, urbanism, site, economics, infrastructures, culture and politics.

Cindy Shihhsin Hwang + Natasha Amladi A/B/C
Tiffany Rattray + James Stoddart D/E/F/G