Studio Sangue Bom 5: Avenida Brasil

Advanced Architecture Studio 6

Spring 2013

Keith Kaseman + Raul Correa Smith, critics, with Brian Smith

Far from the stunning views of Rio’s beaches and iconic destinations in the South Zone lies an expansive urban tapestry of high-density neighborhoods in the North Zone. Poorly planned and lacking the quality of open spaces, parks and trees of its counterpart in the South, the North Zone neighborhoods are connected by Brazil’s longest and Rio’s busiest thoroughfare: Avenida Brasil. Slicing through at least 30 neighborhoods in Rio, Avenida Brasil is the most important route for the daily commute of over 900,000 people to and from Rio’s downtown from the expansive North Zone. While approximately a third of its 36 mile length will be modified to incorporate a planned BRT transportation system in anticipation of the 2016 Olympics, its immense potential to generate new conceptions of urban space has yet to appear on the city’s radar. Our studio’s mission was to utilize Avenida Brasil’s impossible complexity as fuel for future spatial imaginaries, with particular focus on injecting destinations into the North Zone that may spark new forms of exchange through innovative mobility tactics. Prioritizing questions over solutions, this studio was run as a spatial think-tank that operated as a nimble remix through a collective cloud of ideas and ambitions.

Courtney Hunt A/B/C/D
Mikki Asada E
Qi Chen F