Studio-X New York


Nicola Twilley + Geoff Manaugh, directors

From a smellwalk in Lower Manhattan to a dredgefest tour of Jamaica Bay, and from a twenty-nine-story elevator test tower in Bristol, Connecticut to a 99¢ store on Flatbush Avenue, Studio-X NYC took its mission to expand the platform for urban conversation quite literally this year, spending as much time outside its own walls as within.

Its flagship project, Venue, a pop-up interview studio and multi-media landscape survey launched in June 2012, in collaboration with the Nevada Museum of Art’s Center for Art + Environment, continued to explore America’s urban hinterlands in a series of exploratory loops, documenting its travels at as well as on media partner The Atlantic’s website.

Among the highlights were a ten-day trip to Florida, where Venue was accompanied by Unit 11 of the Bartlett School of Architecture as it visited golf course designers, sugar plantations, and, of course, the Vehicle Assembly Building at Cape Canaveral, a building so large it generates its own weather. A winter loop through the Piedmont region included an interview with a Georgia Tech engineer training robots to understand the spatial logic of the American domestic interior as well a chance to see the replicant surface of the earth woven into artificial reality on the gigantic looms of the Astroturf factory in Dalton, Georgia. And a series of shorter trips around the North-East this spring brought Venue to the Otis Elevator Testing Tower, a building whose form is literally defined by its function: the windowless tower’s interior consists of eleven elevator shafts, inside ten of which engineers test load capacity, brake reliability and prototype cab designs.

Meanwhile, back at headquarters, Studio-X NYC inaugurated a successful series of walks and tours, with a packed out smellwalk led by urban olfatics expert Victoria Henshaw, a walking tour of the Internet led by Andrew Blum, author of the recent book, “Tubes: A Journey to the Center of the Internet,” and a two-day Dredgefest that included a boat trip of New York City harbor’s manmade sediment-scape led by the Army Corps of Engineers.

In addition, throughout the year Studio-X NYC continued its Live Interview @ Studio-X (LI@SX) series, hosted several book launches, panel discussions and symposia, and even held a hands-on workshop “for developing snapshots of future scenarios, embodied as artifacts for sale in a Brooklyn 99¢ store.” Studio-X NYC remains the only venue in the city where knock-off 3D genomic ink cartridges (The Extrapolation Factory’s 99¢ Futures Workshop) have shared display space with a space-weather antenna (Venue) and an interactive timeline of megalopolitan development (the Extreme Cities installation).

This spring, Studio-X NYC has also expanded its online platform, taking advantage of the GSAPP website re-launch to publish stories, reviews and eye-catching visuals on Tumblr. continues to build a substantial virtual audience to compliment its embodied one!

Vehicle Assembly Building at Cape Canaveral A
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