Studio-X Rio


Pedro Rivera, director

In the last decade, Brazil went through a deep process of transformation that led to many social improvements and the further development of the middle class. However, the recent manifestations brought to light dissatisfaction with the asymmetry of opportunities in our cities, reflected in issues with transportation, public infrastructure and a lack of amenities, public safety and services.

The City of Rio de Janeiro is now a working site as it prepares for the 2016 Olympic Games. This is a unique moment to capitalize the investments towards a legacy that reduces the historic inequality of its territory. Important interventions in urban mobility, favelas and the port area are being made and will have a profound impact in the near future. This is a moment of expectations.

Supported by City of Rio and EBX, a private company, Studio-X Rio opened almost three years ago and is deeply engaged in contributing to the city transformations. Architects, developers, academics and government officials can all sit down together at Studio-X as they never have before, and exchange both the local and global viewpoints. The more diverse the collaboration with people and the institutions, the more productive and challenging the conversations become. Studio-X acts as an open space where people can actively and meaningfully participate, and for this reason it has established itself as a reference for the city.

Studio-X Rio occupies a traditional nineteenth century colonial building (measuring 4×30 meters) in the city center. It houses a small gallery on the street level, a place for workshops and exhibitions, a small reading room on the first floor, a meeting room and small office on the mezzanine and an auditorium on the upper level. The spaces are all connected and create a permanent buzz.

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