Studio-X Tokyo


Daisuke Hirose, director

Kunio Kudo, founder; Masaru Ito, Shibaura House; Naokatsu Nishiyama, Masaaki Ito, Mikio Ojima + Naohiro Nihei, publication associates

Studio-X Tokyo Lab is a hub for architectural activity. Studio-X is located at Shibaura House, a space designed by Kazuyo Sejima in a lively neighborhood of the city. Since 2011, it has hosted creative events with local and international architects, coders and hackers, as well as numerous parties and gatherings. Studio-X Tokyo Lab currently has three major projects: Fukushima Phoenix Project, Studio-X Theory and X on X.

Fukushima Phoenix Project is an extension of DATA visualization technologies created by Daisuke Hirose, director of Studio-X Tokyo Lab. Despite the non-existant radiation in Iwaki city, people in the world continue to be paranoid and test for radiation in Fukushima. We have been testing the radiation in Fukushima since the summer of 2011. We saw a decentralization of residential patterns in Fukushima before 3.11. Iwaki city in Fukushima has very small physical damages from the 3.11 Tsunami, which allowed the city to create a new residential quarter in Tohoku. Through long-term relationships with the city, we were given access to a 7-Axis Laser Cutter–which cuts 20mm thickness and 400mm diameter architectural structure steel–in Fukushima. We developed optimized steel structures and a revolutionary design for Fukushima to be deployed throughout Asia.

Studio-X Theory is a series of archived lectures to be used in an architectural philosophy book. Tsuyoshi Matsuhata, known as translator of “Tectonic Culture” by Kenneth Frampton, is the section leader. Tsuyoshi, Kunio Kudo, Masato Kawamukai and other theorists evaluate architectural behaviors from Kenzo Tange, Fumihiko Maki, Arata Isozaki through Kisho Kurokawa, along with younger generations, and their thoughts and papers are archived within Studio-X Theory.

X on X are the provocative lecture series, workshops and collective research with film makers, scientists, hackers, material development firms, art historians, dance performers and architects. Studio-X Tokyo Lab won the gold medal at the Sustainable Tradition Workshop 2012 in Obuse, Nagano. Digital fabrication lectures with 3D printers and structural analysis tools have gotten significant attention from local Universities and architecture firms. This past year X on X invited the following lecturers: Koichi Watari, Yasuyuki Miwa, Masato Kawamukai, Karen Severns, Koichi Mori, Taketo Nishikubo, Eihiko Nozaki, Miyuki Yasumatsu, Toshiharu Omuka, Tsuyoshi Matsuhata, Toru Hasegawa and Mark Collins. Additionally, Kunio Kudo lectured on “The Scond Defeat: Spring of North Region”, while Norihide Imagawa came to Studio-X to speek about, “A Grand Vision: Rebuilding Tohoku by New Materia.” Other lecturers included: Daisuke Hirose “Fukushima strikes back”; Shigeru Goto,” with Bruce Goff and Paolo Soleri; Yumi Kori’s, ”Green Airplane”; and Shogo Kawada’s, “Human AI Hybrid Society”; Keisuke Toyoda’s, ”Noize.”

Code Dojo Volume 1, with Mark Collins + Toru Hasegawa A
Fukushima Phoenix Project B
Green Airplane C
In Search of Lost Time D
Mid-Review Shohei Shigematsu + Christy Cheng’s Spring 2013 Studio E