Supermodel City 4: Spatial Projections 2050+

AAD Studio

Summer 2012

Keith Kaseman, critic, with Mia Zinni

Geared to incubate and project potential spatial futures that are sparked by and deployed at a multitude of places, scales and resolutions, Supermodel City was both a think-tank and methodological regimen. It provided an opportunity to critically imagine urban potentials in relation to architectural triggers (and vice-versa) through an operational mode that utilized advanced tools, analytical observations, tactical intuition and design motivation at every step—comprising a comprehensive arsenal to think, imagine and work through. As such, the studio collectively navigated a vast cloud of issues and positions in an effort to generate questions that would otherwise not be raised. Participants were tasked to develop architectural evidence that constructively points to an array of clearly articulated spatial futures not yet imagined, ideally generating new mega-scale architectural-urban typologies that may at least open projective and critical insights in preemptive response to our ever-compacting planet. As the studio set out on an inherently urban trajectory, participants were expected to consistently put ideas and positions on the table. Tapping into the wealth of influences, interests, questions and backgrounds built within all involved, this studio’s goal was to develop new charges for potential urban futures.

Carson Russell A
Chunchun Yang B/C
Renwick Chankinchuen D/E/F