Surface, Screen + Structure

Building Science + Technology

Fall 2012

Joseph Vidich + Reto Hug, instructors, with Heidi Werner

This course focused on the design and digital fabrication of stainless steel panelized sun screening systems. The course used the Adidas Sport Performance Store at 610 Broadway as our case study building. The screens were designed to perform as functional shading systems as well as ornamental expression, engaging with the city while branding the Adidas store. Students were challenged to design thoughtful solutions that graphically, spatially and functionally resolved their concepts within a given set of intrinsic and extrinsic constraints. These included: light transmittance, thermal expansion, CNC machine limitations, assembly logistics, structural loading and cost analysis. All design work was reviewed with a structural engineer in order to analyze the forces that acted globally on the cladding system as well as locally at each connection detail. The full-scale prototypes were designed and built using Solidworks, a parametric sheet metal modeling software. Every project was optimized and fabricated through at Maloya Laser with the use of their 4000 watt laser cutter. In addition, details and secondary structures were fabricated at the GSAPP Digital Fabrication Lab.

Amy Maresko, Ayesha Husain, Bo Liu + John Barrett A/B
Gabe Burkett, Zoe Florence, Emily E. Jones + Alan Paukman C
Hank Byron, Ben Brennen, Scott Barnholt + Evan Remington D/E