Sustainable Design – Section 2

Building Science + Technology

Summer 2012

Davidson Norris, instructor, with Kwesi Daniels

This course was offered to students interested in sustainable design but who do not have architectural design backgrounds. The purpose of the course was to familiarize students with core architectural design strategies and mechanical/technical systems that can make buildings more resource efficient, all while creating an architectural environment that is, for its occupants, thermally comfortable, psychologically affective, sustainably instructive and architecturally poetic.

Each class explored the technical requirements, sustainable opportunities and design implications of a particular sustainable strategy, technique or technology. The idea was to incrementally familiarize students with the broad range of sustainable building design options but also to alert them to the critical need to evaluate, mix and trade off these technologies as the integrated sustainable building design developed.

Assignments required students to apply each week’s design strategy and/or technology to a new High School of Sustainable Design. For the final project, students assumed the role of the school’s Project Manager for the City of New York and developed a comprehensive brief to inform the school design team of the project’s broad sustainable objectives as well their suggestions of appropriate design and technical solutions.