Swarm Intelligence 1 + 2

Visual Studies

Fall 2012

Roland Snooks, instructor, with Brian Lee

Swarm Intelligence examined the role of agency within generative design processes. This was an experiment with the emergent architectural implications of extremely high populations of computational entities interacting within a swarm logic. The seminar focused on an abstract design methodology, recasting simple decision making ability into agents capable of self-organizing into an emergent intelligence. The seminar introduced the lightweight programming language Processing and build from an extensive body of existing multi-agent code. The projects explored the implications of high population thinking on the generation of architectonic assemblages, specifically the dissolution of modernist tectonic hierarchies.

Christos Constantinou, Andriana Koutalianou + Pablo Costa A
Russel Carson B
James Stoddart, Mimi Ho + Alejandro Stein C
Bo Zhang D