The Housing Studio: A Total Ecology

Core Architecture Studio 3

Fall 2012

Lindy Roy, critic

By the end of the twenty-first century, in what will be the final human migration of this magnitude, one third of the world population–some two or three billion people–will live in cities. This massive and unprecedented shift from rural to urban life will produce a cascade of changes including smaller family sizes and ultimately ending the predominant narrative of human history: a story of continuous and sustained population growth. We will have become an Urban Species. In what ways will we have become different? In The Three Ecologies Felix Guattari defines three ecological ‘registers’: environment, social relations and human subjectivity. This studio anticipated the new intimacies, proximities and alliances that the projected mass urban migration would produce and speculated on the potentials of a new urban ecology. Our site, an East Harlem food desert, is historically a neighborhood defined by immigrant populations and has the second highest concentration of public housing projects in the United States. This was the context for our research.

Jeremy Kim + Yasmina Khan A/B
Rand Abdull Jabbar + Alejandro Stein C/D/E