The Housing Studio: Different States of Housing

Core Architecture Studio 3

Fall 2012

Hilary Sample, coordinator, Scott Duncan, Charles Eldred, Douglas Gauthier, Jeffrey Johnson, Brian Loughlin, Lindy Roy, Ada Tolla, Giuseppe Lignano, Thomas DeMonchaux, critics, with Sydney Talcott

This year’s studio focused on the many different states of housing that we, as architects, typically encounter in practice. Throughout the term, each student examined the many different states of housing-both past and present-that are found in the city, and, through team projects, speculated on the rich potential for contemporary housing types in the city. The focus of the studio was twofold: research & analysis and design. The first part of the studio was framed around methods of research and a preliminary understanding of the context. Each studio was introduced to housing typologies, followed by the site and program. The studio project was to design a high-density perimeter block. Each of these projects was built upon the other over the term. In response to the precedent assignment and urban site study and program analysis, the studio looked at the many different states of housing in the development of the main studio site. The studio acted as a laboratory for exploring new urban possibilities for living within East Harlem. Though the brief put forward the perimeter block housing type for the given site, no type of housing was off limits for exploration.