The New Holland American Line: Architecture, Infrastructure + Ocean

Advanced Architecture Studio 6

Spring 2013

Michael Bell, critic, with Zachary Kostura

This studio focused on developing specific new architectural and infrastructural proposals for the Rockaways in New York City in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. In an effort to bridge immediate need and the academic resources of a university and school of architecture our work focused on the NYS 2011 Commission report created for the Cuomo Administration with professional research and expertise guided by Arup, New York.

The specifics of the peninsula have usually been seen though a lens of housing and transportation, but also through an enduring political and social struggle in the area in regards to housing and building types. The lack a decent transportation to wider New York City, but more particularly the region’s history of public and affordable housing development has meant that the peninsula is not only financially struggling it is also economically disconnected. While areas of the Rockaway Peninsula are upper income and wealthy, it is also home to the highest concentration of poverty in New York City. The confluence of wealth and poverty as well and ocean-front neighborhoods (and the unique cooperative development of Breezy Point) have defined the Rockaways and have long made the area a difficult paradox where beauty and strife coexist.

Anton Yupangco A/B
Fereshteh Tabe C/D
Bia Lee E