The Speculation Studio + Seminar: Incubating Work + Live in Long Island City

Advanced Architecture Studio 5

Fall 2012

Laurie Hawkinson, Christian Uhl, Vishaan Chakrabarti + Jesse Keenan, critics

With the advent of this new Applied Science Campus on Roosevelt Island located across the East River from midtown Manhattan accessible by a 5-minute subway or ferry ride, Long Island City’s potential for New York City seems limitless. The agenda for this studio was to produce possible real design proposals for these new professionals envisioning incubating work and live space for future Long Island City dwellers.

Students speculated utilizing potential large-scale or small-scale development drivers that enabled new forms of energy production, public policy, engineering and transportation, marine ecology and agroecology. This studio was joined by Vishaan Chakrabarti, Jesse Keenan and ten Development students; in a weekly seminar where, together, we speculated on this new future for Long Island City.

Given the new tools and the new ways in which these new professionals are working and will work in the future; this studio investigated, researched, speculated and designed for their physical space and urban life.

Nicole Allen, John Barrett, Rashi Puri + Dan Choi A
Collin Anderson, Allison Schwartz, Sam Alison Mayne + Alexandra Hinckfuss B
Eivind Karlsen, Sherry Xuan Yang, Andrew Gargus + Angie Williams C
Jochen Hartmann D