Urban Landscape Lab

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Fall 2012 + Spring 2013

Kate Orff + Janette Kim, directors

The Urban Landscape Lab is an inter-disciplinary applied research group dedicated to affecting positive social and ecological change in the joint built-natural environment. We study cities as places in which ecological processes and urban systems have a complex range of influences upon species diversity, climate change and social equity. Our projects bring together a wide range of disciplines – architecture, landscape architecture, urban design, preservation, civil engineering, conservation biology, economics, climate, public health and community-based advocacy – to connect experimental research methods of the academic setting to practices embedded in New York City and beyond.

Fall Kill Creek Master Plan and Signage
The Urban Landscape Lab completed Phase One of their 2012 master plan for the Fall Kill Creek, in Poughkeepsie, New York. Janette Kim, with partners at Hudson River Sloop Clearwater, PAUSE, Landmine Studio and eDesign Dynamics, designed and installed signposts along bridge crossings to highlight creek curiosities and neighborhood organizations. The lab also began design work for the first green infrastructure pocket park in the master plan. The site—a former textile factory undergoing transformation into affordable housing—serves as a showcase for techniques highlighted in the ULL’s “User’s Guide to the Fall Kill Creek” publication.

Fall Kill Handbook A
Fall Kill Masterplan B
Fall Kill Signage C/D
Studio-X Dredgefest Showing ULL Coastal Mapping E