Visual Studies

Laura Kurgan, director, Joshua Uhl, coordinator

In the last fifteen years, architecture has been exposed to a radical set of changes in its visual toolkits and its technological environments. New hardware and software, often imported from other fields and emerging at a dizzying pace, have digitized and automated techniques of architectural drawing, modeling and production; multiplied networks of communication into diverse infrastructures and media; increased the accuracy of analytic imaging; and expanded databases and methods of data collection. Architecture, because its core techniques are not simply its own, cannot wall itself off from the many other disciplines and practices—ecology, the military, science, geography, popular culture—with which it shares, and from which it often borrows, its tools.

Today, what can be defined as visual in design has multiplied exponentially and forced us to rethink all of our projects and practices. Visual studies now spans all the disciplines of the GSAPP, such that a wide range of tools and techniques are available in an expanded matrix of courses. The core of the curriculum emphasizes collaboration between disciplines, studios and seminars.