Web as Site

Visual Studies

Spring 2013

Leigha Dennis + Troy Conrad Therrien, instructors

Digital networks provide one of the primary interfaces and organizing structures of twenty-first century urban life, yet often without the skills to engage directly. This course, as part of the Architecture Online Lab, provided students from across the spectrum of programs at the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation at Columbia University with the basic toolkit for web design and development in order to leverage the web as a site to more fully articulate the consequences of, and avenues for tapping the innovation capital of the Bowery. Students of architecture, urban design, planning, preservation, real estate development and critical and curatorial practices tapped APIs, summoned crowds, exploited interactivity, embraced mobile devices and connected online and offline space in a host of working and publicly accessible web site and apps.

Ebberly Strathairn, Paul Chan, Richard Duff, Jeremy Kim, Jim Stoddart + Dichen Ding A
Hanxiao Yang, Carolina Montilla, Emanuel Admassu + Vahan Misakyan B/C