What if…FLOATING New York – Post Assembly Fabrication for Expanding an Over-expanded City

Advanced Architecture Studio 6

Spring 2013

Laurie Hawkinson + Christian Uhl, critics, with Kyle Hovenkotter

This studio considered New York City’s changing edge condition in relation to flooding caused by present and future climate change. What if Zone B is the new water’s edge? What will this change or affect? How will cultural life be integrated at this new edge? How is public space considered within this new edge condition? What if there could be “new ground” in New York City? If so, would this new ground be sited, anchored or moving? If anchored, then where? If not anchored, why not, and what or why would it move? What will this over-expanded city look like? How will it grow, accumulate and expand? How will it be made? What will it be made of? How will it sustain itself? Is it tethered to the City, is it self-sustaining?

Each student was asked to propose through an architectural project, a new prototype for the six given cultural programs: Terminal, Museum, Recreation, Library, Assembly and Clinic. Each proposal was to demonstrate how this new life (i.e. program) would be scripted on and at the water. Through group research and iterative modeling projects strategies were developed for urban growth on water and the new edge’s potential to host floating architecture was interrogated.

Christi Farrell A/B
Shih Ning Chou C/D
Michelle Jina Park E/F