Why Pretend?

Advanced Architecture Studio 4

Spring 2013

Michelle Fornabai, critic

The pretend studio may be taken as an invitation to truth or to fiction. What if we simply stopped pretending? What causes would you cease to feign interest in? What adopted processes would you drop as mere pretexts? Who would you design for? Who would you want to be? Who are you really? What would that look like? What premises, perhaps even false, form the pretexts of contemporary architectural production?

What would happen if we dropped such pretenses? Would this lead architecture to truthfulness and sincerity, whimsical irrationality or simply a status quo? Or does the pretense, etymologically bound up with the disciplinary claims of a “profession,” make the architect What if the pretense is all there is?

Students worked with an imaginary client, pretend to be another architect/artist, write specifications for mock materials, feign interest wearing the Necomimi–brainwave controlled cat ears–around NYC and consider representational strategies to make believable while cueing their projects’ pretense.

Chang Kyu Lee A/B/C
Dichen Ding D/E