William Kinne Traveling Fellowships

The School is the beneficiary of a considerable bequest from the late William Kinne Fellows and has at its purpose the enrichment of student’s education through travel. Traditional procedures of disbursement include individual, non-competitive grants for summer travel for second year architecture and first year preservation and planning students, and a limited number of competitive scholarships for two to three months of travel open to all graduating students in the school.

The GSAPP Committee on Fellowships and Awards decides each year how to disburse the annual interest of the William Kinne Fellows Trust, according to the following procedure: Available funds are divided among the programs in the school, proportionate to the length of each program and the number of students enrolled. This year, students completing their Masters of Architecture degree and Advanced Architectural Degree traveled to Studio-X locations, becoming part of the greater GSAPP global network initiative.

2012—2013 Kinne Trips

M.Arch/AAD Travel Locations, Studio 5: Johannesburg, South Africa [Mabel Wilson]; Amman, Jordan [Mario Gooden]; Venice, Italy [Jorge Otero-Pailos, Craig Konyk + Fernanda Sotelo]; Dilijan, Armneia [Markus Dochantschi]; Cupertino, California [Michael Bell + Zachary Kostura]

M.Arch/AAD Travel Locations, Studio 6: Copenhagen, Denmark + Johannesburg, South Africa [Hilary Sample + Jay Siebenmorgen]; Athens, Greece [Steven Holl + Dimitra Tsachrelia]; Brasilia, Belo Horizonte, Rio de Janeiro + Brasilia, Brazil [Mark Wasiuta, Craig Buckley, Jordan Carver, Mario Gooden, Keith Kaseman, Raul Correa-Smith, Brian Smith, David Benjamin, Ali Brivanlou, Danil Nagy + Jesse Blankenship];]; Tokyo + Kyoto, Japan [Leslie Gill, Mike Jacobs, Toru Hasegawa, Mark Collins, Galia Solomonoff + Vishaan Chakrabarti]; Istanbul, Turkey [Jeffrey Inaba + Steven Tsai]; London, England [Jeffrey Inaba + Steven Tsai]; Beijing, Shanghai + Hong Kong, China [Jeffrey Johnson]; Mumbai + Chandigarh, India [Eric Bunge, Mimi Hoang, Thomas Kosbau, Shohei Shigematsu + Christine Cheng]; Santiago + Calama, Chile [Ada Tolla, Giuseppe Lignano + Thomas de Monchaux]; Beijing + Shanghai, China [Juan Herreros, José Aragüez, Ernesto Silva, Markus Dochantschi + Eduardo Rega]; Amman, Jordan + Istanbul, Turkey + Jerusalem, Israel [Frederic Levrat, Phillip Anzalone, Tom Shea + Mazdak Jafarian]; Paris, France [Enrique Walker]; Venice, Italy + Rotterdam, Netherlands [Laurie Hawkinson, Christian Uhl, Michael Bell + Zachary Kostura]

RED Travel Locations
San Francisco, California [Victoria Kahn]; Mumbai + Delhi, India [Tom Boytinck]; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil [Daniela Atwell]; Tokyo, Japan [Vishaan Chakrabarti]

M.S. UP Travel Locations
Chile + Medelin, Columbia [Clara Irazabal]; Bangalore, India [Smita Srinivas]

M.S. HP Travel Locations
Moscow, Russia [Xenia Vytuleba]

Solomonoff + Chakrabarti Studio, Kyoto, Japan A
Holl + Tsachrelia Studio, Athens, Greece B/D
Hasegawa + Collins Studio, Tokyo, Japan C
Shigematsu + Chen Studio, Agra, India E
Kaseman Studio, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil F
Gill + Jacobs Studio, Tokyo, Japan G
Johnson Studio, Beijing, China H/I
Bunge + Hoang Studio, Mumbai + Chandigarh, India J
Dochantschi Studio, Dilijan, Armenia K/L/M