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Real Estate Development

Spring 2013

Elisa Orlanski Ours, instructor

Establish yourself as an emerging developer, architect, urban designer, construction manager or any other business entrepreneur. From pre-start marketing to sustaining a public profile, this course brought in expert guests and industry leaders from multiple disciplines to address specific topics in entrepreneurship (and relevant to upcoming graduation lessons). Students gained a collection of others’ experiences to draw upon and an opportunity to exchange introductions with high-powered contacts in an intimate setting.

The course focused on crafting one’s public presence and showcasing an individuals properties in a compelling way. By creating uniquely refined websites, students learned to write concise brand plans for their designs and developments. The website content was tested at multiple points by presenting and evolving cutting-edge strategies with the guest lecturers. A systematic approach for making marketing decisions, concepts, principles, strategies and methods was emphasized by further defining one’s own bio and a case study school property.